How To: Glaze pots in Shino with Simon Leach

Glaze pots in Shino with Simon Leach

So after much hard labor and patience, you've finally thrown your first vase, fired it carefully in the kiln, and let it harden to a fine finish. What to do next in your pottery making journey? While a beautiful vase is a beautiful vase no matter the finish or color, applying a glaze is like putting on makeup: sure, you don't NEED it, but having it on dramatically improves and accentuates your features, making cheekbones more sculpted, eyes wider and brighter, and lips more well defined. In the case of pottery, a glaze helps to bring out the sinuous lines of a vase and make the vase look more aesthetically pleasing as well as impactful.

Watch this tutorial by master potter Simon Leach to learn how to use Shino, an umbrella term for pottery glazes that range from milky white to charcoal gray, to glaze your pottery.

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