How To: Make a bunny bead out of polymer clay

Make a bunny bead out of polymer clay

This art and craft video shows you how to create a bunny head out of polymer clay. You start it by creating a round ball for the bunny head. You can then make it into a bead by using a small screwdriver (if you wish it to be a bead). You then take some additional clay and shape it into flat ears, fold them over to make them look floppy and attach them onto the round ball (head). The presenter then shows you how to add eyes, by pressing beads onto the face of the bunny using a needle. You can use the same needle to carve eyebrows onto the face of the bunny. The presenter then uses a piece of pink clay to create a flat, pointed bunny nose which she attaches onto the bunny face using her fingers. The mouth is created using a circle cutter, and a needle is used to put a divot on each end of the mouth. Finally you can add a bow made of pink clay to the top of the bunny's head.

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