How To: Make a mini cupcake polymer cake mold

Make a mini cupcake polymer cake mold

Use the tread on wire-nut, to create a mold for mini clay cupcakes. Usually used for joining together electrical wires, the repeated lines of the wire-nut will here be used to form the ridges expected on a cupcake bottom. Press the wire-nut into a small piece of clay to form a depression just as big as you want your finished cupcake to be. Bake in the oven to solidify into a mold. Dab the dried mold with a bit of cornstarch or baby powder; this will prevent fresh clay from sticking to it too much. Now you can press in, say, brown clay for a chocolate cupcake. To help with removing the clay, form the excess clay at the top of the mold into a little upside down ice cream cone to grab from. Wiggle and pull out and you should have a nice ridged bottom for a cupcake. Slice off any excess from the top and now you're ready to add on your cupcake toppings.

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