How To: Make mini polymer clay pizza for a dollhouse

Make mini polymer clay pizza for a dollhouse

This video, by Garden of Imagination, shows you how to make a polymer clay pizza. To begin with, have a small piece of wood to act as a tray for your pizza. Take off-white clay for the crust and warm it up between your hands. Roll it out on your pasta machine on the number one setting. Using a circle cutter, push down on the clay to create a circle. Use an object that is a bit smaller of a circle to create the inside area of the pizza by pushing down. While doing that, blunt the edges of the pizza crust. Next roll a peppercorn around the edge of the crust to give it texture. You can bake the crust or not. Place the crust on the tray. Put Triple Thick into a dish and stir in with a toothpick scrapings of red and orange chalk to create a pizza sauce. Using a toothpick, smear the sauce on the center of the crust. Let it set for a little bit. Roll out translucent clay for onion and green clay for peppers. Roll it very thin and use your razor blade to make tiny onions and peppers dropping them onto the sauce while the sauce is still wet. To make the cheese, bake thin slices of sweet potato colored Sculpey in the oven to make them hard. Using a food processor, grind up the baked Sculpey and sprinkle it on the pizza. For the pepperoni, roll out a mix of brown and red clay on the pasta maker. Roll a peppercorn on it to give it texture. Use a very small circle cutter to form five pieces of pepperoni. Use your razor blade to lift the pepperoni up. Place one in the center and the other four around it. Don't forget before you bake the crust at the beginning, use brown chalk and a brush to color the crust brown as if it is toasted. Finally, use your Triple Thick to seal the pizza and all the toppings onto the board. Let it dry for a few hours. It is then a permanent fixture for your dollhouse.

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