How To: Throw a simple small flattened pottery salt holder

Throw a simple small flattened pottery salt holder

This video demonstrates how to throw a simple clay pot: a flattened salt holder. In order to throw this simple clay pottery piece, you will need: clay, a pottery wheel, and water. Begin by placing a small amount of clay on a wheel. While it is spinning moisten the clay. Force the clay up into a tower. Keep the clay and your hands moist. When it is smooth and even, place your thumbs over the top of it and press down. As you press down and a hole begins to form, slowly stretch it out a tiny bit. It should be slightly wider. Now, force it up into a tower again. This time, it will have a hollowed out center. Keep it moistened on the interior and exterior. Continue to work with it. It should resemble a tumbler. Widen it. You should now be shaping it into a vase, by widening it at the bottom and creating a lip at the top. When you are satisfied with it, let it dry a bit. Clean it up, on the wheel, by using an edging tool. Flatten it, by dropping it onto a hard surface. Allow to dry and cure.

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