How To: Throw a small jug and handle

Throw a small jug and handle

In this how-to video, you will learn how to make a small jug with a handle using a wheel. Place the clay onto the wheel and start spinning it. Grasp it with your hands as it spins and make a vertical shape. Use your thumbs to make the interior bowl shape. Now, use your hands to make the clay more vertical. Keep doing this until you get the desired height. Now, insert your hand into the interior to widen the shape. Make the top more narrow with your fingers. Make the edge stick out as well with your fingers. Next, make bevels with the proper object. Once this is done, you can stop the wheel and make a pot shape. Next, pull a handle. Stroke the clay to make it longer. Attach the handle carefully. Place the top attachment first, and then carefully bend the handle until it reaches the lower part of the jug. Make sure it is secured. Now you have to wait until it dries. Viewing this video will teach you the easiest way to properly make a jug with a handle.

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