How To: Make a miniature ceramics mold using resin

Make a miniature ceramics mold using resin

This video demonstrates how to make a miniature ceramics mold using resin. The object being made is a small saucepan for a doll house. A product called "AMAZING Mold Putty" is used. It is non toxic and can even be used for food. It comes in two tubes. One is yellow and one is white. Take a blob from each tube and make sure they are of equal size. Blend the two blobs together. You must work fast because the material becomes completely hard in 30 minutes. You probably have only three or four minutes to insert the desired shape into the mold material once it has been mixed together. Press the small pan into the mold material and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Take out the small object. Take some "AMAZING casting resin" from the white bottle using a straw and put it into a disposable container. Using a different straw take the same amount from the yellow bottle. Mix it with a toothpick until the swirls are gone. Pour the mixed liquid into the mold. Let it sit for 30 minutes. Ease the hardened item out from the mold. Paint it using plain acrylic paint, such as metallic silver, dark blue and black. Paint the back first. That's it!

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