News: These Tiny Pots & Vases Are Made Just Like Big Ones—By 'Throwing' on a Potter's Wheel

These Tiny Pots & Vases Are Made Just Like Big Ones—By 'Throwing' on a Potter's Wheel

From a quick, passing glance at a photograph, you may not notice that Jon Almeda's impressive displays of ceramics mastery are actually the size of coins. It's well-documented how much tiny art is loved by WonderHowTo, but this petite pottery may take the cake as the most impressive display of craftsmanship.

Check out how Almeda makes the same shape of pottery at different sizes in the video below on a potter's wheel. He also uses a miniature potter's wheel for "throwing" his creations together.

Almeda is a Washington-based miniature ceramic artist who draws a lot of inspiration from nature, especially the sky and movement of the tides.

Throwing pottery on a wheel is a pretty straightforward process, but it takes a master's touch to make something that is both functional and beautiful, especially on this scale. It would be one thing if he were carving these freehand from blocks of clay, but what makes this process so noteworthy is that he follows the same steps he would take if he were making these pieces in more standard sizes.

Aside from being a master of miniatures, Almeda's artistic prowess does not stop with his small ceramic pieces. According to his website:

He created his own small portable pottery wheel to take out on location to create pieces outside in the open air, otherwise know as Plein Air Pottery. In addition to pottery Jon is a photographer, musician, electrician and sculptor. . . . His plein air pottery videos perfectly fuse his eye for photographic composition with his impressive throwing skills.

It's clear that Almeda puts an amazing amount of time and detail into each one of his pieces, but it's important to note that this level of intricacy does not come cheap. The "Minted" collection (below), which is currently out of stock on Almeda's website, sells for a whopping $575. There's also a mini curio wheel for sale so you can make your own tiny pots and vases, but it's out of stock, too.

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Cover image via Almeda Pottery/Instagram

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