How To: Throw a big pottery mixing bowl

Throw a big pottery mixing bowl

First of all you have to put some clay over the potter wheel. Now add some water and then press hard with your fingers at the bottom. Now slowly release the pressure of your hands and bring your hands upwards while slowly releasing the pressure. This shall form an inverted cone shape. Now apply pressure with your thumbs at the top to depress in the top and then wash your hands with water. Now use your thumbs to make this hole bigger. Now put a little water in this hole and then use your fingers to lengthen the pot. Now add a little water in the hole. Place your four fingers of left hand inside the pot and place your other hand on the outside to make the top end rounded. Now slowly bring your right hand up which shall increase the height of the pot. Now add more water on the pot. Place your both hands at the bottom to reduce it. Now place your left hand inside the pot to widen the hole. At the same time you have to bring your right hand upwards which shall make the bottom narrow and the upper end broader as you go upwards. Now add more water and work at the bottom and the side to give a more circular shape. Now use a sponge to remove the water from the middle of the pot. Now give a finishing touch to the pot. Stop the wheel and then remove the pot with the top. That's it.

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