How To: Make mini polymer clay pancakes for a dollhouse

Make mini polymer clay pancakes for a dollhouse

Garden of Imagination teaches viewers how to make cute and adorable mini polymer clay pancakes for a dollhouse or decoration. First start out with a wooden square to put the finished product on. Next, start out with light brown clay and roll it out on a clay setting number 4 on the pasta machine. Next, use a circle cutter to cute the shape of pancake. Next, texture the pancake so it look doughy and make sure the edges are not too straight. Make three of these pancakes and place them on the wooden square. Next, powder the pancake with yellow charcoal and with brown charcoal using a paintbrush. Next, get some yellow clay and cut off a small stick of butter. You can cut off two little packs of butter and place them on the pancakes. Now mix your crystal clear glaze with some of the yellow chalk. Use a toothpick to touch this onto the butter so it looks like melted butter. Next, you will use triple thick glaze with brown and yellow and glaze this over the pancake. It will act as your syrup. Blend this around the pancake and butter. You can use acrylic dimensional writer, for clothes, to act as your whipped cream on the pancake. Now you can make mini cupcakes for your dolls!

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