How To: Make a mini polymer clay birthday cake for a dollhouse

Make a mini polymer clay birthday cake for a dollhouse

Garden Imagination shows viewers how to make a polymer clay mini birthday cake for your dollhouse. First you will want to start off with yellow clay and roll it out on your pasta machine at level 1. Fold this yellow clay in half and use a shape cutter to cut out the cake. You can find a shape cutter at Hobby Lobby and use a circle scare or any shape you want. Cut out two pieces - one for the top and one for the bottom. Next, you will want to use size 8 font on your computer and type "Happy Birthday" or your desired message. Do not use bold because it will be hard to read. For the icing, use translucent liquid sculpy mixed with clay. You'll want to first make the center of the cake by spreading he liquid sculpy on one top pieces of the clay. Next, add the second piece on top. Press it down and cut off the excess frosting. You do want the center to be thick. You can use a heat gun or blow dryer next to make sure the icing sets and hardens. If you want to cut a slice out of the cake, you don't have to, this would be the time to do it. Use a razor blade and cut a slice to put on the slice for later. Next, put icing on the top of your cake and spread it around the whole cake. Harden the icing with your blow dryer or heat gun. Now at some liquid sculpy on top and add the letters onto the wet sculpy then dry with your blow dryer. Now, you can add mini candles that are really mini beads. Onto the bead add crystals that look like flames. Let your cake dry and you are done! Now your dolls have a cute little cake to eat!

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