How To: Make a baby girl or baby boy polymer clay bead

Make a baby girl or baby boy polymer clay bead

This video shows how to make a bay girl and boy head made of clay. The first thing you need to do is get a small round ball of clay that is a skin color color. Then you get the small black beads and place it firmly on the ball they will act as the eyes. Then make the eye creases on the side of both eyes. After that you add the other physical features like nose, mouth, ears, and eyebrows. The last thing you do is fold two square pieces of clay into the shape of a bow then place it on the top of the head. It is the same with the boy except there is a blue hat. To make that all you do is wrap the blue piece of clay on the top of his head. Then just wrap a long white cylinder shape around the edge of the blue hat then your done.

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